by: Frances Jocelle Singson

“Saan la nga agsardeng dita apo. Saan la nga uniforms ti pagpatinggaanna. Panpanunotenmi met kenni Apo Marius Cabudol a papintasen iti Sports Program ditoy probinsyatayo nga Ilocos Sur (It does not end there, my friends. Uniform is not the end goal. I and Marius Cabudol also plan to improve the sports program in the province of Ilocos Sur).”

This was emphasized by Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson in his message as he led the distribution of uniforms and sports equipment to the athletes to the Schools Division of Ilocos Sur, together with SPM Efren Rafanan, Sr., SPM Constante Oandasan, SPM Gina Cordero, SPM Ben Maggay, and Provincial Sports Coordinator Marius Cabudol, at the Quirino Stadium yesterday, Nov. 25.

Sports Science. Kadaytoy Sports Science, agaramidtayo ti programa tapno makita ti nutrition, diet, muscle training, ken dadduma pay dagiti atletatayo (Sports Science. With Sports Science, we shall craft a program in order to monitor our athletes’ nutrition, diet, muscle training, and others,” added Singson.

During his talk, he also extended his congratulatory and good luck remarks to all the athletes, coaches, trainers, teachers, and parents to the 2019 SDO Ilocos Sur Athletic Festival come November 26-29.

Namnamaenyo nga toy numo ti biang ken ti Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur ket adda laeng ditoy a sumupsuporta kadagiti amin a kasapulan dagiti atletatayo (Expect that I and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur will always be here to provide support and assistance to our athletes),” assured the governor.

Meanwhile, the entire athletic delegation of Ilocos Sur headed by the Schools Division Superintendent Mr. Jorge M. Reinante, and the Education Program Supervisors in-charge of Sports Mr. Jose P. Bueno Jr. and Mr. Marlon M. Taloza, also expressed their gratitude to the governor and the PGIS by saying in chorus “Agyamankami unay, Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson!”.