My warmest felicitation and commendation
to the completers and graduates of Batch 2019. This is another occasion in your life to celebrate one step success in the academic world.

Your graduation marks another milestone of unraveling ignorance and discovering new knowledge and insights. With your diligence and perseverance, you have proven that you can be contributory to good fabric of society.

This year’s graduation theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for
All” gave me an idea the importance of education in today’s universal
challenges. I therefore believe that education is a powerful tool to fight and
survive the demands of society. The idea of no Filipino learners shall be left
behind underlies the DepEd to provide education free of access to every
citizen regardless of races, places and individual differences. The inclusive
education affords equal opportunity to learners with special education needs, indigenous peoples, out-of-school youths, balik-aral, Muslim learners and other groups to avail quality services education has to offer. So with this, I strongly believe that in the future, we can build an abode of excellent and quality service providers through our graduates.

Again, my congratulations to all of you and mabuhay Batch 2019!